Automatic Sensor Taps are touch-free, maintenance free, long-lasting and
sustainably conscious products that not only make it a safer replacement for manual taps but also a more aesthetically pleasing substitute.

Our range of WC sensors is designed with advanced fuzzy logic-based controllers, which makes these sensors a preferred product. Their sleek and flush finish provides a premium look that caters to a range of applications.

Urinal sensors are an essential product in modern-day washrooms to ensure a hygienic and safe environment. HygieniCARE urinal sensors prioritise sustainability.

Automatic Hand Dryers are designed to ensure a high-velocity air stream that ensures dry hands within seconds, enabling energy-efficient operation. Available in various models offering a multiplicity of designs.

HygieniCARE recess panels are designed to optimise space and utility in washroom systems with their multifaceted usage for towel dispensing, waste disposal and shelf storage.

Soap Dispensers have been the best-selling product for decades and are even more in demand due to increased sanitation needs during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Sanitizer Dispensers are the new best-selling product, especially due to increased sanitation needs during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Available in three materials – white, transparent, and stainless steel finish.

Paper Towel Dispensers are convenient and necessary additions to public washrooms.

Automatic air freshness are wall-mounted dispensers, that freshen the air at timed intervals.

Shoe shining machine by HygieniCARE is a floor-mounted touchless machine that is perfect for installation in public areas such as hotel lobbies and office buildings.

A hands-free door opener is a foot-operated stainless steel device that can be installed in metal or wooden doors.